Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a new beginning

I retire on January 10, 2013, after being the volunteer coordinator for several years. The pay is horrible, the hours are short, but I have the best job at Champaign County Nursing Home.

It is time to travel; in 2013 my wife and I have 10 weeks of cruising planned. Once cannot work and cruise, too. So, I will end this blog with a fond farewell.

I have enjoyed posting my things here and we have had great success with people who read this and then respond. I won't be here to be able to be contacted, but someone will be sitting at this desk.

I strongly encourage you to call the Volunteer Coordinator at Champaign County Nursing Home and come in to do the right thing by volunteering. Here is the number: 217-693-5016.

Jim Hronek