Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who is a volunteer? A volunteer is someone who feels a need to do good things for others.  There a many kinds of volunteers, but the people who we are seeking are those who enjoy contact with elders. When you volunteer at Champaign County Nursing Home, you are helping people maintain a sense of community. We serve the community and the community serves us.

Our mission is to provide the best quality of care that we can for those people who have multiple, chronic medical conditions and who cannot have their daily needs met in any other way. We provide a community of friendship and respect for our residents.

Please consider helping us to maintain our high quality of service.

Let me know how you want to lend a hand. Send an email; take some time to do the right thing:


“You may think your actions are meaningless and that they won’t help, but that is no excuse, you must still act.”
Mohandas Gandhi

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