Saturday, April 7, 2012

Now is the time for all good volunteers to come to the aid of CCNH!

Here is some background. When we moved into our new facility in 2007, the Champaign County Board decided that they did not want any landscaping on the property! They did not seem to care whether the residents had a decent view from the building other than the Juvenile Detention Center and the County Satellite Jail complex. Nothing at all. They didn't even plant quality grass. Their concern appears to have been the sheltering of our community's elders and not much more! Shameful.

I was ashamed to tell people that I worked here. So, I solicited money from local people, County Board Members, City Council Members, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects (you get the idea). I received zero donations to help beautify the property. Then, I asked the family members of our residents and I received thousands of dollars. 

I purchased many trees, bushes, flowers, etc. and got them planted around the building. Country Arbors planted most of the big trees and I did the rest. I spent more than $5,000 to help make the facility look better. I was criticized by Mike Scavatto, the person from St. Louis who was hired by the county board to operate the nursing home. He claimed that our priority should be the front door and the impression that visitors would get when they first approached. WRONG! 

I planted outside the windows, in the courtyards. I helped to create habitat for wildlife and I brought some beauty to the place. It is starting to look good.

This is the time of year that everything is growing on the grounds of CCNH. I need some help with the maintaining of what I have planted. I need assistance with the dividing, weeding, watering and all the things that come with keeping the place looking good. I have developed a troublesome shoulder and I cannot do it all on my own anymore.

PLEASE, help me. During the growing season, I need only an hour or two each week to keep up with things. The weather will play a big part in when this will occur. You come in as your schedule permits and the weather dictates. During the heat of summer, it might take only 30 minutes each week to check on things. Or, if it rains a lot, then the weeds will try to take over and more time will need to be done.

Send me an email. Call me. You will feel good about doing something to help the Champaign County Nursing Home residents feel that their facility looks like a home.



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