Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday afternoon

Games (of sorts) -

Monday afternoon at 3:30, we have games. is actually upper-body range-of-motion type of activity. Bean Bag Toss, Volleyball, Golf, Frisbee Bowling, and more. These are the kinds of things that are fun and help our residents use some muscles that might not be used. It is also a good social occasion.

We need one person to help with this, one hour a week. That is all we ask. Get here about 3:20 and be gone before 4:30 (that is the time that the evening meal begins service and they all want to get there in time to get the best food!!).

This is a great way to get to know some of our residents. You will be required to go through the complete orientation process. That includes an interview, information about working with elders in a nursing home and a complete tour. Appointments required.

Let me know! OK? OK!


I believe we are all here to be bright torches that light one another's way.
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