Thursday, December 27, 2012

Please help us!!

We need more volunteers!

The volunteers that have been helping are doing a good job. But, we need more of them to become a part of what happens here. I have said it before...we don't require a certain time commitment from our volunteers. You come in as your schedule permits. One hour a month is good. 2 hours a week is wonderful!

High in the list of needs is visiting with the residents. Be a good neighbor; sit and chat for a while, talk about whatever. You might surprised at how good you feel after spending 10 minutes with one of our elders.

It doesn't take much to get started. You complete and information sheet, we conduct an interview and then give a tour of the building. We talk about being with elders in a nursing home. And, then you are set to go! If you want a 'target list' of people to visit, we can provide that for you; or you might want to just go about the building and visit randomly.

We do require an appointment for that first meeting. Call 217-384-3784 ext 5240. OK? OK!


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