Friday, June 15, 2012

One of my volunteers, Connie, gave me a book a year ago and I keep it on my desk. There are many quotes in it that I use here and others places. Reflections on Life by Allen Klein is a great small book for those who might need a bit of inspiration.

Here is a good quote from one of the first pages:

Getting born is like being given a ticket to the theatrical event called life. It's like going to the theater. Now, all that ticket will get you, is through the door. It doesn't get you a good time and it doesn't get you a bad time. You go in and sit down and you either love the show or you don't. If you do, terrific. And if you don't - that's show business.

Stewart Emery, Actualizations

Do you have a 'favorite' quote? Let me know!


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